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Rhyolite is a common Igneous rock. The word "Rhyolite" is derived from the word rhýax (Greek), meaning stream of lava and the word-forming element líthos (Greek) for stone [pronounced: rahy-uh-lahyt]. The word was introduced into science by a German traveler and Geologist named Ferninand von Richthofen (in the 1800s).

Rhyolite is formed from silica-rich magma and has the same chemical composition as granite, but is extrusive rather than plutonic. Rhyolite is made up quartz, sanidine and plagioclase, with biotite and hornblende as common accessory minerals. It contains often glassy or microcrystalline aggregates.  

All igneous rocks start out as melted rock, (magma) and then crystallize, or freeze. Rhyolites that cool quickly form a natural glass or vitrophyre e.g. obsidian. Slower cooling results in foliations, spherulitic, nodular and lithophysal structures. Rhyolite eruptions can be  highly explosive and the deposits may consist of fallout tephra and ignimbrites.

Rhyolite occurs in Europe (Germany, Iceland, Spain, and Ireland), USA (Rocky Mountains and Maine), Canada, South America (Andes), China, India, New Zealand and Australia.  Rhyolite exists in all geologic ages, and is mostly confined to the continents or their immediate margins (continental crust, island arcs and dykes).

Rhyolite is commonly a dark with a glassy ground mass, however, it is considered the lightest volcanic rock. It can also be white, reddish, greenish, grey, or brownish. It may be even in colour or display a banded appearance.  The grain size is fine to very fine, however, it may sometimes be porphyric.

Due to its banding Rhyolite is commonly used in jewellery and ornaments. It is also used as an abrasive, and to make lightweight concrete and breeze blocks.

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Featured Rhyolite submitted on DA (you can of course search for more - there are plenty out there!).

Rhyolite Hills - Iceland by BakistoPyrolusite Dendrites on Rhyolite from Arizona by NisarialisPorphyritic Rhyolite by chartreuse-childRhyolite Porphyry by ElfOwl245Folded Rhyolite by MertusRainforest Jasper Wet by lionesspuma

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